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Vehicle's lights - overview

This article will provide information about the different kinds of lights that are used in vehicles today and what is their purpose. Also you will find out how to adjust your lights to work better for you.
Headlights will be the first thing that I will cover. They are perhaps the most important kind of lights because they provide an opportunity to drive in the dark and to see even when the visibility is greatly reduced. It is very important for your headlights to work properly because during the night you will need to see everything in front of you in order to not crush into an unseen object or other vehicle. This is why there is a law that says that during the night you must use headlights that are in good condition, you must use headlights when the visibility is reduced even if it is during the day and you must ensure that the headlights are properly adjusted.
The headlights adjustment is very important because you need to perfectly see the road especially in places with no street lights or other light sources. You can make the improvements on your headlights yourself if you want to. You will need a screwdriver and some masking tape. The screwdriver is good to be universal with many kinds of screws. With it you will be able to easily work on the car. To start park your car near a wall and mark on the wall where the headlights should point. Mark the place for every light in order to have an idea on what you need to expect from your adjustments. In the end you will have one horizontal line and two vertical lines. Make sure that these lines are at the level of your headlights. That means that they are as far from the ground as your headlights are. Now move your car back from the wall but still facing it. Next you will need to find the screws on the headlights. Make sure you do this when the headlights are off because they may heat up and you will not be able to freely touch them.
It is time to test the low beam of your headlights. Turn the headlights on low beam and watch how it is presented on the wall. Use the top adjusting screws to make the necessary change. Move them clockwise to raise the intensity of the light and counterclockwise to lower the emission of light. The last thing you need to watch for is not to center the light because you may blind the oncoming drivers. The light should point on the road in the best possible way for you to see as much as possible without obtruding other drivers.
We talked about low beam but there are many other things that you may want to know about your headlights. I will now tell you about how the headlights work and what they are made from.
The headlights are electrically operated. They are made from lamps that are making the light by transforming electricity. These lamps should have low and high beam and there are two ways for making that - with one universal lamp for both or with two lamps for the different beams.
The high beam is also known as main or driving beam because it is used for maximum seeing distance. The problem with it is that it produces too much glare and this could endanger other drivers and may lead to accidents.
We already mentioned the low beam and that they need to point downward. That's why they are used when driving in the city or anywhere that you may encounter other drivers.
There are many different types of headlights and I will now tell you about some of them. Lens optics are widely used. A light source is used to produce the light and a reflector is pointing the light in the right direction. There are also lens that are focusing the light providing good quality of the illumination.
The reflector optics is made to distribute the light in a good pattern. They are rarely made from metal or glass because it is too expensive. Usually a compression-molded plastic is used instead.
HID headlamps are another alternative of headlights. Xenon gas is used and that's why many people are calling them xenon headlights. When using that kind of headlights it is very important that a good cleaning system and automatic beam leveling control is applied to them because they may change the intensity of the light over time and cause endangering glare.
We will now move on and talk a bit about taillights. These dim lights use the same reflection system as the headlights but they are not made to light the way and are made dim in order to not blur the vision of the subsequent drivers. These lights indicates the presence of the car in order for others to see it. Usually a backup battery is used in order to avoid many accidents because of a malfunction of the taillights. You will still need to check them regularly because sometimes they may blink unnecessary because of a cable problem or some other issues that may put you and others in danger.
One very interesting idea could be set to work into the taillights. They could change its color pointing if the vehicle is accelerating or decelerating. Green could be for acceleration and red for deceleration. This will tell the other drivers behind what is happening to the vehicle in a quicker and better way. If the speed is vastly decelerating a fast red blink could be applied too and this will be a warning sign for others that the distance between them and the vehicle in front of them may quickly shorten. This will give them enough time to decide what they should do to prevent accident. Here is another example - if the car in front of you is accelerating quickly a green blink will tell you that it is moving away from you and you could decide to accelerate too without putting yourself and the other driver at risk.

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