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Part 1: Used Hybrids at a Glance

Part 1: Used Hybrids at a Glance
Aug 19, 2013
Part 1: Used Hybrids at a Glance
by Justin Pritchard ,
2006 to present Lexus RX 400h/450h

2007 Lexus RX 400h 3/4 view
2007 Lexus RX 400h (Photo: Justin Pritchard)

The Draw: The RXh Hybrid from Lexus was the hybrid-powered version of the brand’s best-selling crossover model. With space for five, numerous luxury touches, and All-Wheel Drive, this was truly a Canada-ready hybrid machine. Fuel economy was on par with a smaller, two-wheel drive car. Owners love the luxury touches, quality feel, all-weather confidence, and fuel mileage.

The Common Problems: While test-driving your potential used RXh Hybrid candidate, check all electronic equipment for proper operation, including the automatic climate control, CD-changer, and air conditioning, as equipped. Check for proper operation of all windows, motorized seats, and the rear-seat heating system, too. Check the air conditioning for proper operation as well. Check the level and condition of the engine oil and confirm proper operation of the cruise control system.

The most common issue here seems to be an ECU module that goes bunk, possibly shutting the vehicle down while you’re driving. Ask the seller if the ECU has ever been replaced or exhibited any signs of trouble. Note any “check engine” lights or warning messages, and have the vehicle’s computer scanned at a dealer to be safe. Since the RXh’s ECU isn’t likely to be cheap to replace, the model is a good candidate for extended warranty coverage.

2007 Lexus RX 400h interior
2007 Lexus RX 400h (Photo: Justin Pritchard)

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