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2010 Dodge Journey R/T Review

2010 Dodge Journey R/T Review
Apr 4, 2010
2010 Dodge Journey R/T Review
by Lacey Elliott ,
It was only a few years ago that crossover vehicles were the ‘hot new thing’ but now they are everywhere. If you are like me, and a lot of other women out there, and you do not want the image associate with driving a minivan – a crossover is the best way to go.

The Journey is a great option for families that do not want to buy a minivan. (Photo: Lacey Elliott/

With the economy that way it is, Canadians now, more than ever are really watching their spending. Price is still the number one factor for people who are looking at buying a new vehicle. You can get the new 2010 Dodge Journey SE Canadian Value Package starting at under $19,000!

Styling on the outside is nothing special. In this very full market, not much about this crossover really stands out, but for some buyers that is a good thing. It has the overall shape of a minivan with a style that is slightly more aggressive. The front grille has the shiny Dodge symbol and the back end has a bit of an angled slope to it. Flared sculpted fenders and 19-inch alloy wheels on this R/T add a touch of pizzazz. The base SE comes with 16-inch wheels.

Inside, the centre stack is simple with nice sized dials and buttons. There are a few touches of chrome scattered throughout and I like how it looks like it is framing the controls and highlighting the knobs. The controls for air and heat are within easy reach of the driver, but the touch screen radio controls and navigation are a little low. So it is fantastic that steering wheel-mounted audio controls are offered on all trim levels except for the base SE.

The Journey is a great option for families that do not want to buy a minivan – but yet crave all the features that a minivan has to offer. The driver seat is on the firm side for me, but wide and supportive. Both the driver and front passenger have plenty of head and shoulder room. You have power windows, illuminated cup holders, a tilt/telescoping steering column, a storage bin under the sliding armrest and a 12volt power outlet. Top that off with the Chill Zone beverage cooler in the front upper glove box to keep 2 cans of pop cool and there is not much that you are missing here!

One of my favourite features is the hidden compartment underneath the passenger seat. Just flip it up and there is enough space to put a purse or wallet, flip it down and you would never guess anything was there.

Inside, the centre stack is simple with nice sized dials and buttons. (Photo: Lacey Elliott/
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