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2015 Volkswagen Eos Wolfsburg Edition First Impression

2015 Volkswagen Eos Wolfsburg Edition First Impression
Oct 17, 2014
2015 Volkswagen Eos Wolfsburg Edition First Impression
by Kevin ''Crash'' Corrigan ,
With this being the last year of production for the Eos, many are hoping this will signal the return of the Golf Convertible, which is currently only offered overseas. However, the Eos is not going out without a splash as the company is offering a rather special Wolfsburg Edition for its final fling.

What is a VW Eos?
The VW Eos was first unveiled to the North American public in January 2006 during the Los Angeles Auto Show. With its unique bodywork, the Eos was designed as a stylish mainstream alternative to the funky “New” Beetle Convertible which had previously replaced the much-loved Golf Cabriolet. The success of this endeavour is somewhat questionable and the answer rather depends on which side of the VW fence you tend to reside. While many Golf fans found the Beetle styling a tad far out, the Eos never quite captured the hearts of former soft-top Golf owners.

2015 VW Eos Wolfsburg Price & Specs
The new Wolfsburg Eos carries a starting price of $42,990, and apart from a Tech/Nav package ($2,625) there’s very little that you don’t actually get as standard fitment. In fact, searching through the list, the only other option I could find was Metallic Paint, and even that was a no-charge option! So the vehicle comes very well equipped, indeed.

Driveline wise, there’s only one box to tick: The 2.0 TSI (200hp) 4-cylinder, coupled with a 6-speed DSG Automatic with Tiptronic. It’s a great setup and buyers certainly won’t be disappointed.

Driving the 2015 VW Eos
The Eos drives extremely well. The 2.0 TSI offers up plenty of playful fun and the vehicle is well mannered. While not as sporty as certain other convertibles in this price range ($40k+), the Eos does benefit from being a proper 4-seater (it’s a little cozy back there, yet considerably better than most of its rivals). Its full-metal retractable hardtop is appealing in many ways, as it does assist greatly with blocking out exterior road noise and makes the cabin area almost church-pew quiet. It also somewhat suits our climate here in Canada.

However, there’s a slight price to pay for this, as the handling characteristics of the vehicle alter quite dramatically once the roof is lowered. You see, in order to house such a huge metal lid, its designers were forced to enlarge and shift the trunk substantially rearward. This now sits well behind the rear wheels and when filled with a rather hefty lump of roof, it rather alters the vehicle’s weight distribution.

Not a big deal for a RWD car, but the Eos is powered from the front!

Perhaps I’m being a tad overly picky here as very few Eos buyers will have sleepless nights worrying about 0-100km/hr times and/or weight transference under heavy braking, it’s just not that sort of vehicle. No, the Eos is more your fun wind-in-your-hair summertime cruiser, yet I had to mention this as it’s my one and only bug bear with the vehicle. Apart from that, the Eos is a first rate sunbed on wheels.

Inside & Out of the 2015 VW Eos Wolfsburg Edition
This final Eos Wolfsburg Edition comes in a choice of five colours, which all sound rather pleasant (Pure White, Flash Red, Black Oak Brown Metallic, Night Blue Metallic, and Deep Black Pearl) and any colour chosen is complimented by a stylish set of 18” Vicenza alloy wheels. It’s a good look, I like it a lot.

Stepping inside, it’s a similar story. The two-tone Vienna leather comfort (12-way power) seats appear inviting and are as comfortable as they look. Volkswagen has gone to great lengths to give its Wolfsburg Eos that extra touch of class. The leather-bound steering wheel feels like true German quality and its stylish two-tone door coverings (matching the seats) helps bring the interior together in a way in which others often fail.

Now, although I’m not a huge fan of Piano Black, this somehow works for the Eos as it’s been thoughtfully placed alongside brushed aluminum finishes. Both are used as accent pieces, yet in a subtle pleasing-to-the-eye manner.

Volkswagen did a fine job. This is an upmarket-looking vehicle without a doubt, and those stylish little Wolfsburg badges certainly add to its distinction.

Comparing the 2015 VW Eos Wolfsburg
The Volkswagen Eos is a vehicle that can be somewhat difficult to compare to other four-seater convertibles. Perhaps comparable though are the MINI Cooper Cabriolet (smaller rear seat), BMW 2 Series Cabriolet (sportier, yet less comfortable), Beetle Convertible (fine, if funky is your thing!), and Ford Mustang Cabriolet (more powerful, less refined).

Basically, the Eos is part luxury/part mainstream. It’s not out-and-out sporty like the 2 Series, yet it’s no floating gin palace, either.

No, what it is, is utterly unique, and for that reason you either love or loathe the Eos. Me? I love it for what it is, because it plays so many roles so well. Of course, I’m going to say the same about the new Golf Cabriolet when/if it arrives… nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hint, hint Volkswagen!

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